Pregnancy Gift Buying

Soon, someone close to you give birth. What is a fun and original pregnancy gift to give? There are a lot available for expectant parents, grandparents and great original maternity gifts and of course for the newborn baby. Not only in shops but also through the Internet, there are really nice pregnancy presents to find.

Original pregnancy gift

The funniest part is when you take an original gift which normally is not as fast as expected. Think of a 3d plaster with which it is possible to make. An imprint of the hand and foot of the child Or a nice diaper bag to store. Nappies There are a lot of nice items for sale.

For Mom and Dad

A Mommy Measure gift package for pregnant women
This package contains a Mommy Measure tape, sticker hearts, a permanent marker and a manual. Birth nuggets with the name and date of birth of the baby birth nuggets are also a special gift to give. Birth nuggets are available in pink and blue color.

Maternity Book A book stall is very nice for the expectant mom and dad. The best memories are kept in a book stall. Also, the book offers space for notes yourself and for the nice wishes and attentions of the booth visit. Belly Paint Belly Paint implies that the belly of the pregnant woman is painted using a beautiful design that you can figure out or think. Of course there are also pictures of the design created. 

Belly bandana with abdominal bandana you can show that you are expecting a baby. Belly bandana is available in different sizes. Ceramic Tile with text Lets make a beautiful ceramic tile with a text to your liking. Very nice to give. Pregnancy as a gift Swarovski cummerbund A beautiful belly band made ​​of Swarovski stones. The Swarovski crystals provide a beautiful luster. The Swarovski cummerbund feels soft and washable. 

For newborn baby: Baby Bathrobe with name A very nice and original idea is the baby bathrobe with its own name. The robe can be ordered in different sizes from 0-12 months. 

A sweet baby shower gift A sweet baby shower gift is an original baby shower gift for a girl or boy. The package consists of a limp, bodysuit, socks and a stuffed dog. For girls, the package in the color pink and boys in blue.

Diaper Cake A diaper cake is a cake consisting of diapers and other fun extras for the baby. You can think of such as a pacifier, tutdoekje or bath toy. The diaper cakes are a lot of different designs for sale. 3d art baby foot or hand With the Baby Art 3D, it is possible to make. 3d an imprint of the baby his hand or foot The plaster is safe for the baby. A treasured keepsake and so very original to give. Pregnancy as a gift Baby Kissing Baby Relax The baby pillow is ideal for a newborn baby. The baby can sleep in delicious. The pillow is also suitable to feed the baby.

Diaper giraffe A diaper bag you hang on the wall of the nursery and fill your diapers. The diaper bag makes for a nice decoration in the nursery. Diaper bags are in addition to the implementation of the giraffe in other versions.

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Symbolic meaning of flowers

A huge bunch of yellow flowers become cheerful and the sweetest take red roses along. We know what we need to take flowers for any occasion with. Intuitively, we choose the right color, the right number and the right flower. The knowledge about the meaning of flowers is centuries old. In Europe, this ‘language’, at the beginning of the last century popular. Although the significance of flower color and sometimes changes, we want to make something clear by giving flowers still. Check the below symbolic meaning for everyone holds is the question, but it is fun nonetheless. Sometimes it is just the color, then the shape of the flower itself, and occasionally the name says it all. Below the symbolism and the ‘language’ of a bunch of flowers.

The symbolic meaning of the chrysanthemum


The “golden flower”, although you would not say nowadays. The name is composed of the Greek words “chrys” (gold) and ‘anthemon “(flower). The original color of the flower was yellow. The history of the flower goes back to the 15th century and the era when he was already popular in China. In Japan, the flower was that there is even a national holiday dedicated to the “Festival of Happiness”. It is believed that brings a petal at the bottom of a wine glass a healthy and happy life.

The Chrysanthemum belongs to the month of November, for birthdays this month chrysanthemums are also a nice symbolic gift. In addition, hear the flowers at the 13th anniversary of a marriage! If you want to celebrate your wedding anniversary every year than hearing chrysanthemums in the ‘unlucky number 13. (13 But give flowers might not be such a good idea) The chrysanthemum represents loyalty, honesty and friendship.

The symbolic meaning of the sunflower


The scientific name for the flower is Helianthus, the Greek words for sun (helios) and flower (Anthos). The flower is native to Central and South America. The Spanish conquistadors brought the plant to Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. The Incas saw the beauty of the flower called but the plant was especially helpful. The oil was used to prepare it and eat the seeds were edible. But the flower was also honored in the old religion, and there are many images found in ancient temples.

The symbolic meaning of the tulip


There is a legend about the Turkish tulip. The Turkish prince Farhad was in love with a beautiful girl, Shirin. On a bad day, the poor prince hears that Shirin was murdered. Farhad is inconsolable and he threw himself on his horse off a cliff. On the spot where his blood touched the earth began to grow a flower, a beautiful red tulip. This red tulip became a symbol for the perfect love.

The first tulips growing in Turkey and Persia, at the end of the 16th century, the flower was introduced in the Netherlands. The tulip quickly became popular, but the popularity also had a downside. Around 1635, the tulip mania begins tulip bulbs rage or madness. The market for tulips shot up but collapsed a few years later just as hard back together. Several traders lost huge sums of this speculation.

The red tulip is the symbol for the perfect love. But a purple tulip stands for ‘Royal’, a yellow cheerfulness and white for forgiveness. A bouquet of tulips in many different colors represents elegance. The tulip is part of the celebration of a marriage 11jarig. Enter especially red tulips, tulip when you look in a red (color of love) you can see the black heart. This black heart is consumed by the fire of passion.

The symbolic meaning of carnation


In carnations is all about color and carnations because in many colors blooming there are many symbolic meanings given to the flower.

In all colors reasonably sturdy flower fits into a buttonhole and the color does not really matter much.
But the white ones stand for the pure love and happiness, light red for admiration, and the dark red color signifies love and affection. Pink are special and absolutely perfect bouquet for Mother’s Day or birthday of a mother. Pink carnations would arise when the tears of Mary (mother of Jesus) touched the earth. Carnations belong to the month of January and a one-year wedding anniversary.

The symbolic meaning of the hyacinth


The legend surrounding this flower is sad. The sun god Apollo fell in love with the beautiful Prince Hyacinth. But he had a rival, Zephyrus, the god of the wind also had his eye on the boy.

One day Apollo Hyacinth teaches how to throw. Discus During the exercise, the prince killed by a discus Apollo. It remains unclear whether the god of the wind’s hand (or wind) was in here, but that does not alter the conclusion. Apollo is inconsolable but makes the blood of a beautiful flower hyacinth, hyacinth.
The flower is a symbol of peace and beauty, but also for sportsmanship and pride. When the flower is used in bouquets for the church, this primarily means ‘soft’ love. The history makes the flower in any case special.

The symbolic meaning of the rose


The flower of the two great goddesses Aphrodite and Venus, of course, is to love it! As with the carnations is all about the color and the number.

  • Red roses stand for love and passion, especially the red roses therefore belong in a valentine bouquet.
  • White roses remain popular in a bridal bouquet and symbolize simplicity, purity, honesty, innocence and “I am worthy of you.”
  • The yellow roses were used for blinds and were thus hardly given. Today they are mainly for friendship and joy. Yellow roses do not hear this in a real love bouquet but in a bouquet for your best friend (in).
  • Pink roses mean besides happiness and friendship also especially grateful. The dusky pink roses do therefore well in a thank you bouquet.
  • Roses in the color of lavender are actually the most beautiful love roses. The lavender roses are for love at first sight ‘and enchantment.
  • The orange rose Finally, the symbol for passion, enthusiasm and fascination.

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Cats Behavior: What to do if your cat bites

Our cat we accept more forms of aggression than we might realize. So let him hunt mice in the garden and he chases other cats away from the garden. A kitten that bites you in your hand during play, we might find it cute. A cat may react aggressively because he has not been socialized properly, because he’s in pain or if he feels threatened. A cat that grabs during stroke is one of the most common forms of aggression in cats. It can be very annoying if you are bitten by your cat. How is it and what can you do?

Aggressive behavior

catAn animal may show different forms of aggression, as a cat. For example, a cat will chase another cat from his own territory. He wants to hunt mice, birds and insects. Generally a cat will not attack people and injuring a man by a cat are not so common. Many cat owners that a kitten in your home, find it cute as a kitten while playing bites and scratches. However, this needs to be addressed because it’s not as cute and adorable as the cat is more mature. A form of aggression that is most common in humans, grabbing the arm during the stroke.

Why the cat reaches for your hand

This nasty habit is unfortunately common in many cats. You pet him nice and suddenly he grabs your hand. With his jaws he grabs your hand and he slaps his front paws around your hand. With his hind legs, he tramples on your arm and that can be painful because his nails. Many cats do this when they are stroked over the abdomen, but there are also cats that do it if you give them strokes on the back. Let herself stroking is not a natural behavior for a cat. As he sits on his lap and let himself stroking, he feels relaxed. Sometimes the cat may chucking hand suddenly perceived as threatening, and he feels uncomfortable. As a result, he can grab you.


It is very important that a kitten get used to people. He must learn to be as relaxed as a human being with his mother. In the first eight weeks of their lives, they must have had in order to be comfortable. Physical attention of a human If this is not (enough) occurs during this period, they will not feel relaxed when they are touched. They do not accept it when they sit on your lap and be petted, and take your hand out of frustration. He may find it comfortable as he sits on his lap, but will hand touches as a threat to him. Some cats also respond bit brighter by nature and there are also some cats that are less bright during aging.

Causes aggressive behavior

If a cat is in pain or not feeling well, he may react aggressively. This may be one reason he suddenly unplugged, as he normally does not. If this is the case, you should go to the vet to find out what exactly is going on. It is very annoying for the household as a cat bite is off, even when there are visitors on the couch which is gripped. The most common causes of aggressive behavior are listed below:

From an early age to learn their mother cat that biting is a normal activity while playing. They also need to learn that they can not bite too hard. If they are taken away from the mother too soon, they will not learn, resulting in biting the owner. If a kitten is doing this, you will also need to unlearn as biting and scratching once the kitten is mature, it can be very painful asap.

If a cat is frightened, he can also bite themselves. He will not only bite but also extract with its claws. Make sure you recognize the signs if a cat is frightened. If he has to back his ears and big eyes intent, be careful.

If a cat is injured or not feeling well, he will protect himself by biting him off. When you get close, he will warn you by blowing. If you still want to pick up because you might want to go to the vet, the cat then be very careful with picking. Possibly save a large towel around him to protect your arms.

If a cat is home alone all day and can not play, he will get bored. When you come home after a long day, the cat will be bursting with energy. If you walk past, he can only try to intervene or to bite. To avoid this, you can play with him or take a second cat. Sometimes, buying or making your own toys enough for the cat to entertain themselves.

How to tackle?

What causes aggression has, it is important to had something to do. Consistent is important. That means that everyone should have. Equally consistent in the family If the cat can not walk on the table, one person should not approve and the other not. Spanking is not always well understood by a cat. Try to focus on rewarding good behavior. Emphasis Sit back and keep the moments of attention recently. Stop the time before the cat reacts and try to provoke. No reaction These moments can you expand slowly.

If your cat has you stuck, it can withdraw your hand is painful. Maybe he grabs your hand then sometime. You can also ignore the cat too. Hold your hand limp and But if this is too painful, you can also give a shout, as a cat would react that hurt. Then just ignore the cat. Good behavior can reward you with giving a cat treat.


Learn a kitten already from the beginning that your hands are not meant to play, but to stroke. If you let a kitten with your hands to play, he learns that it is okay to bite and scratch. If later is no longer allowed, it is confusing to the cat. This also applies to the case that on the one person, this is allowed, and at the other it is not. If you have a kitten who strongly reacts with play, then put it aside and ignore it if it gets too rough. Punish the kitten out and try to play a little later again. This will teach the kitten a good way to live out.

Why indoor cat can be aggressive

A cat that lives inside, looks out birds and other cats. As a result, he can suffer from pent-up energy, so he gets frustrated. If the owner happens to be around, he will intervene. The owner has not always why the cat does and thinks he’s just being attacked. It is most common in an indoor held alone. There may be an unsatisfactory hunting instinct. Question One solution is by extra to play with him and to ensure adequate toys when he is home alone.


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How to bake the most delicious fries? 10 tips for heavenly servings

Follow the tips and enjoy a heavenly serving of fries.

Buy a good potato

friesMake sure you buy a good and crumbly potato. The potato is better if you give it a while (preferably dry and dark, for example, in the basement) leaves behind. When the foothills it appear they have got enough flavor and are ready for frying. Cut the foothills there is ample off (there is the natural toxin solanine) and peel them.

Cutting with the hand

Do not use easy peelers or whatever cutting tools whatsoever, except a knife. For peeling, you can use a vegetable peeler and cut, use a knife. This need not be, but if you can handle me well.

Cut into thick and roughly chopped
It may be that you love more than french fries Belgian potatoes. However, real chips is coarse and thick cut. This means that the chips also has somewhat different lengths and thicknesses. This is to encourage the eating experience: behind every fry lurks a new experience. Let the cutting chips in the perfect length and thickness but with starred; the kitchen is no fries twins!

The fries were not

If you wash the fries, then you rinse the starch off. This will taste and texture is lost; Never rinse the chips off.

Bake always clean frying

Not only for its taste but also for the health you should always bake in clean frying. Also replace the fat or at least after every ten times frying and frying preferably five times. Always look too fat (if it is heated) is clear and not too strong smell (also never go to a chip shop that you can smell from a distance). Use is preferably also liquid fat instead of solid fat. In fact more solid fat is saturated fat and trans fatty acids and is bad for your cholesterol and unhealthy.

Bake the fries for about 5 minutes at 160 degrees Celsius and then about 5 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius
Heat the cooking oil for. When the fat is at the correct temperature (160 degrees Celsius), you cook the fries for. Before the chips start to discolor you remove the basket from the cooking oil.

Remove the basket from half the fat
After about 5 minutes before frying and the chips start to fade, you remove the basket from the fat. Let the chips cool. The best is to do it on a piece of paper towel, so that the fat is absorbed this. When the chips are cooled, fry it for the second time for about 5 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius until it is golden brown. Depending on the thickness and size of the chips may be that you have to fry the chips slightly shorter or longer (this allows you to experiment).

Blot with paper
Let the chips drain on a paper towel and pat it a bit (not too much). This ensures that the fat is absorbed, and that the crispy mouth feel of the fries come into its own.

Use coarse sea salt

If you want to use salt, use sea salt and table salt are not standard. Coarse salt matches the coarse chips and has a robust flavor and mouthfeel. Never use too much salt, because then the taste of the fries lost.

Create the mayonnaise

If you want to enjoy your blood, sweat and tears homemade fries, then it is only complete with homemade mayonnaise.


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