Here is a suggested packing list:


Two bags, maximum. One kit bag or small suitcase, and one pack/rucksack (one

day pack may be packed inside rucksack to carry small quantitites while walking)
Toiletries (avoid scented soaps and other manufactured fragrances -- they

attract insects)

Small first aid kit (antiseptic, band-aides, moleskin, sewing needle [for

blisters], Benadryl (over the counter, for allergies, itching, insomnia,

nausea), and aspirin (or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, like Ibuprofen,

for pain, inflammation or fever)

Six sets of non-cotton socks (Cotton holds sweat, causing blisters -- Nylon-wool

blends, polypro, Thor-lo, and others are good -- Thin Polypro liners under thick

outer socks are very good to prevent blisters -- also aluminum-based

anti-perspirants applied to the feet and ankles every day one week prior and

throughout the march will prevent sweating which causes blisters)

Six sets of comfortable clothes (weather from 55-90 degrees F)

Light jacket
Rain jacket or poncho
Shower shoes (flip-flops)
Lightweight, non-perishable food
Canteen or water bottle
Small sewing kit
Lighter or waterproof matches
Small pocket knife
Tent, or lean-to with mosquito bar
Ground mat or air mattress
Bivvy-sack, poncho liner, or light sleeping bag
5 small trash bags
Telephone and battery charger (we will set up a recharging console with the

Extra glasses (if you wear them)
Cap with bill or brim
Insect repellent
Lip balm
Nail clippers
20-feet of string or cord
Two cheap keychain carabiners
Small flashlight or headlamp
Toilet paper with plastic waterproof bag
Notebook and pencils (with waterproof bag)
Camera (optional)
Medical alert tags (if you have them)
Any medications you take (waterproofed)
Musical instruments, if you want to make music at night

Your cell phone charger and phone


Same list, but with clothes for two-three days.

STUFF WE NEED in quantity, if you can bring it:

Large (50-cup) Coffee Makers.
5-gallon Water Containers (jerry-cans preferred, but all work)
Rope & Cargo Straps
Bottled Water
Bulk Non-perishable, Packaged Food (canned or in sealed packages)
Flashlights & Lanterns
Batteries (all sizes)
Toilet Paper
Carpenter's Nails
Tool Kits
Powdered Gatorade